Bespoke Cocktail Service

The Bespoke Cocktail Service can be used to create a really thoughtful and memorable for anyone who is partial to the occasional (or frequent) cocktail and is a fantastic way to represent a company brand. This would make a perfect wedding gift and what cocktail lover wouldn't be thrilled to receive a tailor-made cocktail on their birthday. Create a bespoke cocktail to mark a significant event, such as graduation, passing exams, even buying your first home. Each cocktail is unique and created by Monique Low, based on the information you provide by filling out the online survey. To ensure that she can create a appropriate and exceptional drink, you will be asked a number of questions pertaining to the lifestyle and tastes of the recipient. There is an opportunity to add any additional information you feel may be relevant and you can always get in touch via the contact form on the homepage for further information.

When the cocktail is designed, you will receive a recipe and full instructions on how to create your drink at home. You will also receive a letter from Monique, explaining why she chose your specific blend. The recipe and letter will be accompanied by a hand painted miniature bottle containing a sample of the alcohol required to make your drink. The design on the miniature bottle can be used to reflect your personality and you can choose from one of the Toasted Glass designs, or you can design your own. If you are ordering a cocktail to represent your company brand, the logo can be hand painted on to the miniature bottle.

The order does not include the perishable elements of the drink such as fruit or mixers, but clear instructions will be provided, outlining everything you will need to make your cocktail and there will be nothing in there that cannot be sourced from larger supermarkets.

The basic price for this service is £75 for a single recipient (£90 for couples) This does not include a bespoke glass, but you can order one to be sent together with the cocktail. You can choose from the wide range of Toasted Glass designs or commission one of your own. Prices for Toasted Glass designs are between £14 and £28 per glass. Commission pieces will vary, depending on the time they take to lay out and then paint and must be agreed in advance. Please contact us through the homepage to discuss your requirements.

Before you purchase the Bespoke Cocktail Service, please fill in the online survey and contact Monique, who will check through your details and advise on lead times - please allow at least 3 weeks for this service. Please note that during busy times, the service may not be available.

If you would like to see a few of the Bespoke Cocktails that have been created in the past, there are examples on the Toasted Glass Blog.




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