Gift Vouchers


A Toasted Glass gift voucher allows the recipient to purchase their favourite pieces up to the named voucher value. Where the voucher amount is less than the value of the item purchased, the remainder may be made up by the purchaser. Should the voucher value exceed the item, the recipient will receive a new voucher for the remaining monies.

Vouchers may be purchased in multiples of £10 and will be issued in the form of a personalised letter, hand tied with ribbon. The letter will contain a voucher code that will automatically deduct the gift voucher amount from the total bill. Please ensure that you name the recipient so that the voucher may be personally addressed.

By selecting a quantity of one, you are purchasing £10 worth of Gift Vouchers, but unless otherwise instructed, the vouchers will be issued as one total amount.

If you wish the vouchers to be sent directly to the recipient, please remember to change the shipping address. 

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