Personalised Drinking Jar


These sturdy drinking jars are perfect for for summer al fresco drinking. They have a screw on lid with a hole for a straw, that forms a proper seal that will make sure the wasps don't get to it while you're tending to the barbecue! They hold a generous 450ml, so plenty of room for ice and fruit.

They are decorated with hand painted script in a pale silver with a pearl outline to match the silver lid. The pictures show jars decorated with 'The Bride' and 'The Groom', but you can choose to have any name or title on the front. Please note though, that longer words will require the script to be painted in a smaller size which will alter the overall look. Most wedding party titles work well, if divided over more than one line, for example,


of the


The word,'Bridesmaid' is too long to write as one word, so it is recommended that it be split over two lines, as "Bride's Maid' or alternatively, opt for use of first names instead - Amy, Laura etc.

If you would like the jar decorate don both sides - title on one, name on the other, for example - please select the 'two side' option. 

Please leave details of all names, titles etc, in a note with your order.

List price is for one jar only, boxed as shown.

Although all Toasted Glass drinking jars come with a screw on lid, as standard, you can upgrade your drinking jar to have a vintage style, striped, paper straw. Not only do they look great, but they allow you to drink without spills and keep your drink safe.

The lovely paper straws are available in a range of colours so why not order a few different ones to suit your mood... Click here to order

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