Tyrion Lannister drinking jar


Game of Thrones fans will know that no character is safe from getting the chop (quite literally), but Tyrion has lasted longer than most and continues to entertain with his dry wit and (by Lannister standards) good heart. He is a veritable font of quotations, most of them, too rude to mention, but both, chosen here, sum him up fairly well - never underestimate the power of humour...

In fact, Tyrion's longevity has proven such, that he now boasts two drinking jar designs' one from the original series (I am the god of tits and wine) and the evolution of Tyrion in season 6 (That's what I do - I drink...and I know things). Please choose from the original design or the evolution, by making the appropriate selection from the drop down box.

If you would like to personalise the back of the jar with a name and/or date, please select the 'personalised' option and leave a note with details, when you place your order (there is a space to do so, during the payment process).

These sturdy drinking jars are perfect for for summer al fresco drinking. They have a screw on lid with a hole for a straw, that will make sure the wasps don't get to it while you're tending to the barbecue! They hold a generous 450ml, so plenty of room for ice and fruit,or beer, if that's your thing!

Although all Toasted Glass drinking jars come with a screw on lid, as standard, you can upgrade your drinking jar to have a vintage style, striped, paper straw. Not only do they look great, but they allow you to drink without spills and keep your drink safe.

The lovely paper straws are available in a range of colours so why not order a few different ones to suit your mood...Click here to order

List price is for one drinking jar, individually boxed, in the the style shown.

Each and every piece is painted by hand, by Toasted Glass designer and artist, Monique Low and you may to have to allow a little, extra time for your order to be made. Please refer to the Shipping section for the latest, approximate dispatch times, before you place your order, if you are concerned.

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