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    Toasted Glass is a UK based company, selling beautifully, hand painted glassware and other related products. The collections include everything from champagne flutes and wine glasses to vases and teacups, all of which are hand painted in Britain, providing exclusive table ware and singular gifts.

    From her Chelmsford studio, artist, Monique Low, creates each design, which is then hand painted, across a range of quality glassware and fine china. Much of her inspiration comes from flowers, birds and insects, all of which, feature heavily in her work, bringing the beauty of nature, to the home. Each piece is first outlined by hand to establish the design. The colour is then, painstakingly filled in, section by section, before the finishing touches are applied and they are allowed to air dry. Once dry, the colours are baked on to ensure they are hard wearing, heat and water resistant. Great pride is taken in each and every piece that Monique creates and that attention to detail is apparent across the whole range.

    As well as painting Monique's own designs, Toasted Glass can create bespoke commissions. Colours can be specially mixed to match colour schemes, initials or dates added to existing designs. Most designs can be hand painted on to other items across the range.  Designs can also be created exclusively for clients on a price on request basis. For more information, please contact us.

    Toasted Glass creates exclusive tableware and gifts for people who love the good things in life and appreciate quality, beauty and great British craftsmanship.